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April 24 2018

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April 22 2018

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"i. That song you swore you'd never
stop listening to? You'll start skipping it.
ii. There is hope in even the worst situation. You just
have to look a little harder.
iii. People won't always treat you the way you treat
them. Learn to differentiate the ones who care from
the ones who are just along for the ride.
iv. Trying to impress others is never going to work.
Impress yourself instead, it's much more permanent.
v. You can fake as many smiles as you like but you
will never be happy, Laugh at the small things and
you're halfway there.
vi. There's no time like the present.
vii. If you love someone, tell them. Love is too rare to
be kept a secret." Sue Zhao
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April 21 2018

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April 08 2018

"From all of the disasters I caused to myself, you were my favourite one. [...] Maybe I was just the victim of this kind of blind faith who lets you love things and realities even if they don't exist. "
— nie pamiętam kto
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April 07 2018

Confessions should be better planned,
Alone, that night, I'm surely damned,
Run away. I'll understand.

What's important is this evening I will not forget,
Purple, blue, and orange, red,
These colours of feeling, give me love,
I'll put my heart in it.

I think about it all the time,
The lights went out, you were fine,
You kinda struggle not to shine.

I still love you though, 
I still love you though, 

I still love you always...

— Dermot Kennedy

April 06 2018

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Człowiek jest najgłębiej uzależniony od swojego odbicia w duszy drugiego człowieka.
— Witold Gombrowicz "Ferdydurke"
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April 02 2018

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Poświatowska Halina
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